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Ever seen a guy riding down the street in a scooter? Pretty lame, right? Well imagine if that scooter had A BAZOOKA ATTACHED TO IT?!?!?

Bazooka Vespa: The Tri-Miniguns is a little game that uses an old unconventional weapon, the Vespa 150 TAP, and its -very real- bazooka attachment to destroy evil robots made up of 3 miniguns. The robots have a 1950s town under their control, and it is up to you to save it... or get the heck out of there alive.

W - Move forward.
A - Turn left.
D - Turn right.
Space - Fire rocket.

- Destroy the miniguns/robots.
- Get to the other side of the town.

Made for LD32 Compo, made by Crawler.

My Twitter: www.twitter.com/ImCrawler

Install instructions

Extract the .zip folder and play!


Source Code 150 MB
BazookaVespaLD32Mac.zip 24 MB
BazookaVespaLD32Windows.zip 22 MB
BazookaVespaLD32Html 3 kB