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*I suggest you play this in full screen. Right Click, Full Screen. This is because every time you right click, it brings up the drop down menu.*

This is a game for Candy Jam. It is about a student named Candy who gets caught playing Candy Crush in class. Her teacher gives her a detention. When Candy cannot find her, she decides to take a nap on the teachers desk. She has a crazy dream about a dangerous world made up of candy! She kicks, and throws candy apples at evil Gummy Bears and Gingerbread Men, as well as defeats a horrible, deadly, Gummy Worm. The world is filled with Jello, Taffy, Chocolate, Candy Boxes, Mints,  Lollypops, and even Toxic Chocolate Milk. When playing, if you die, you wake up Candy. Try to stay alive and keep her asleep. This is a fun, cartoony, fast paced, candy based game. Enjoy!

Created in BooScript. Made in Blender. Powered by Unity. By Crawler Games.


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