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How To Use The Demo

Press [SPACE] to refresh the scene, changing the season, weather and time. At the start of the scene, it will display a date, forecast, and headline. These have nothing to do with the weather system itself, it is just for show and will be removed when the project is finished.


Created by Crawler Studios (me), and is based off of NerosCinema's idea for a random weather system, this is a prototype/concept for a random weather system. This prototype is to use as a demonstration on how I (an indie game dev) thinks a random weather generator should work. The idea by NerosCinema was originally for Call of Duty, but I thought I would make a prototype for it to prove that this could work in the next Call of Duty, and to bring NerosCinema's idea to life before the next Call of Duty is released. Another reason I am working on it is because it is an awesome idea and could really help innovate games in terms of realism. I will finish the project, and make it available to everyone as an asset for their own games. Remember this: I created this prototype/asset, but it is NerosCinema's idea, so the credit for this goes all to him. 

*Note: this demo is only in beta and only features a season changing system. More dynamic features will be added to the asset as well as better systems for single player modes.*


This is a random weather system prototype created by Crawler Studios (me), and is based off of NerosCinema's idea for a random weather system in the next installment of Call of Duty which will be created by a new developer, Sledgehammer Games. NerosCinema is a big time fan of Call of Duty and made a video telling SHG (Sledgehammer Games) about what the CoD (Call of Duty) community wanted in the next game. NerosCinema mentioned an idea for a random weather generator. NerosCinema then made a video about how the random weather generator would look, and how the system would work. SHG posted a job offering for someone who could help with weather in the game, which means they probably saw NerosCinema's video, and will most likely use his idea in the multiplayer and/or story for their next game.

How It Works

Basically, this season system works with randomly generated numbers. Each season and time of day has its own number, and is activated by the number. The seasons all hold different aesthetics, and when activated, these different objects and textures are spawned in the scene, and change the look and feel of a level, keeping a game and/or level fresh, play after play.

Why It Works

[For Multiplayer and Online] This works because by only attaching added models and textures as aesthetics to an empty object in a scene, the main components of a map will not change. Even if a developer decides to place cars and other vehicles in different spots for every season, a player will not have to worry about remembering a map in every season, time, and event, because the main parts of the map (such as buildings, triggers, etc) will stay the exact same. Even though players can argue that moving objects like cars can get in the way, just think about this: would it make any difference if the bus on Nuketown 2025 moved? It would still be used as cover, just from another point or angle on the map. See? It will work out just fine.


This beta only features a season generator (for now). This is great for multiplayer and online game modes, because that the maps really have no story. So, every time a player enters a game with his buddy's, they will play a map with a different season, and time of day every match. It basically keeps a game fresh, and that is very important in a multiplayer and/or online game. If a developers multiplayer/online game modes have stories, they can just attach what ever story they need to a season. If they do not want to change the story according to season, they can just leave the story in the scene, untouched by any scripts/code.

About The Development

This demo is run in the Unity Web Player and the system itself was created using BooScript. All models were made using Blender. Some textures were from Google Images, some were from Unity's Asset Store, and some were created by me with MS Paint (I know, I'm a pro using MS Paint for textures).

Developer and Credit

Credit for idea goes to NerosCinema.

Developed by Crawler Studios.

Powered by Unity Web Player.

Nero's Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC8AXN8JN1k

Systems Alpha video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfxYlMO3UE4



I (Crawler Studios) am not at all partnered and/or affiliated with NerosCinema and/or Sledgehammer Games (not to say I wouldn't like to be :p). Also note this is not for attention and is not a way to suck up to SHG, or take credit for Nero's idea. About the demo itself: yes it is a game, but not playable. There is an animation and one key that actually does something. Will this be used in my own projects? Probably. For now, the only thing you can do with this is admire the different environments. 

Thank you for playing/watching the demo! Hopefully Nero and/or Sledgehammer Games sees this. If not, I hope that Indie Developers will see this and want to use this for their own games.