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This is a demo of my Random Environment System that can be used in any Unity project. The demo includes Unity's Bootcamp demo with random weather, and a scene made with Unity's ShantyTown assets showing random weather and object "generation".

Asset Info:

All written in BooScript, includes 3 scripts {Simple Random Weather System, Complex Random Weather System, Random Object System}.  Made for Unity.

How It Works:

The scripts use "Transform" variables that are for the objects that you want to use in your scene. How random weather is supposed to work is you have empty's with skyboxes, sound effects, and different props (which can be randomized with the random object system) with it's active property set to false. The objects are then set to active based on a random number generated through the script. If that doesn't make any sense to you, that's okay. Reading over this, I can see it's pretty hard to understand. Just play around with the scripts and play the demo to fully understand how it's intended to work.


Multiplayer maps (to keep things fresh), survival maps, just to add an extra element to ones game.

Terms of Usage:

If you're using my scripts in your game, just give me credit (Crawler Games) in the game and we're good.

Credit Where It's Due:

Based on the idea's of NerosCinema

Created for ProcJam2014

Demo 1: Unity's Bootcamp Demo

Demo 2: [Used] Unity's Shanty Town Assets

Created by CrawlerGames

Thanks for playing and downloading. I hope people actually put this tool to use. Depending on feedback, I may continue this project and expand on the system.


Neros Forecast.rar 1 kB