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A comet carrying ice has crashed into Mars. Its impact was so great, it made a hold beneath the red planets surface! Ice crystals were scattered across the crater. Here is the catch: some rocks did not surface, but instead hollowed out into caves and tunnels. Most ice crystals can be found in these caves and tunnels. A solar powered, laser-equipped robot, Explorer 29 has been sent to Mars, and must melt the ice crystals and collect at lease 1L (100mL) of water that is on mars for testing to see if liquid water can 'survive' on Mars.

- W and S to move back and forth.
- A and D to rotate left and right.
- Left Click to shoot a laser.
- Laser beams melt ice crystals.
- Ice crystals drop water when melted.
- Each water drop is worth 1mL.
- To win, you must collect 1L of water.
- Your battery recharges outside of caves and tunnels, but drains in and under them.
- If your battery reaches 0%, you lose.

*EDIT* gameplay video here!


Made by Crawler Games
Powered by Unity
Created with Blender and GIMP
Programmed in Boo.

*The Game contains only my content and was all made in 48 hours*

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Thanks for playing my first LD48 game.